10 Hot Affiliate Niches On Amazon

10 Amazon Affiliate Niches That Will Make You Money And How To Target Them.

First I will give a brief overview of  The Amazon affiliate program and what exactly an affiliate is.

An affiliate is someone who promotes or service a product and gets paid when there is a sale made or lead generate.

In the case of Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon Associates.  Amazon allows you to sign up for an account and receive 4% -7.5% on everything that is sold within 24 hours of someone clicking your affiliate link.


Before we go over what niches to target let’s go over some ways to promote Amazon products. 


How to promote Amazon affiliate products.


Start a blog and advertise products to your target audience.

A blog is a great way to promote your affiliate business. There are several ways that Amazon associates integrate with your blog.  You can set up product images in your blog post, embed sidebar widgets that show relevant products centered around your content, and even just put contextual links in your articles.  If you have a really niche blog that likes the products you sell you can even create an Amazon store inside of your website.

Create Review Blog Posts

When someone is looking at reviews of products and stumble on your review page your content, if laid out properly can be the deciding factor in the visitors purchasing decision. You can even embed the reviews from Amazon in your post so others can see exactly what purchasers have said about the product.

Become an authority

Becoming an authority in your niche or to your target audience is a great way to increase conversions on your blog. Answering questions on a site like Quora and industry related forms, as well as sites like Reddit can help build your following rather quickly. Not every one of your blog post needs to advertise an affiliate product. If you create good content your readers will come back, make sure to be using social sharing widgets so people can share your great content on social media easily.


Join Facebook groups

Joining niche related Facebook groups is a great way to share your articles, connect with your audience, and drive conversions on your blog. When you share a great article in a group there is a good chance that someone else will share it. Make sure to ask people to comment on your post and tell you what they thought of it, as well as share your post with other people that might find your content interesting. As a rule of thumb don’t join a group and start dropping blog posts without connecting with the audience. Remeber just because a group has 10,000 members doesn’t mean your post is seen by all of them. However, when you get likes and comments on your group posts, Facebook realizes that and will sh0w your posts to more group members. As a rule of thumb, I like to engage my audience and only drop links when some of my content is relevant to another topic.

You Tube How To’s, Tutorials, and Explainers

Creating content on youtube is easy and I have even seen a few smartphone rigs that really have blown me away. You can start with a simple Smartphone Tripod for only about $6. Now when your recording for you tube an iPhone is not the best source of sound so getting a lapel mic and an audio recorder is imperative to your youtube success. I will go into an example later when I update this post of exactly how a video recorded on an iPhone 7 sounds with and without a proper audio recording setup.

When you create youtube tutorials be sure to tell the viewers that are watching your video that you have included helpful links in the description. All of your links don’t need to be promotional products either. Also be sure to link to other videos in your youtube video if you have similar videos that answer different questions. For example, if you are reviewing how to fix iPhone 7+  be sure to create a video for the iPhone 7 and tell the viewer that the video they are about to watch is the iPhone 7 plus and if you want to see a video for the regular iPhone 7 click here.  And point to where you pop up box is in the window.  Make sure to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and ask questions in the comments. Replying to your comments reinforces your authority and builds trust with your subscribers.

Build an Instagram following

Building an Instagram following doesn’t have to be hard but if you’re not good at creating content for Instagram it can be a rather frustrating. I’m not going to dive in to exactly how to build your following but if your interested in building your Instagram following we recommend to read Get Your First 10,000 Instagram Followers LIKE A BOSS


List Of Best Amazon Niches

Keep in mind when someone clicks your link you receive a commission on any products they buy within 24 hours.

  1. Baby Toys – This niche would be good for a review site or a mom blog, or any site that has to do with toddlers. Creating Christmas lists by age and baby sex would be a great way to utilize email marketing to marketing baby toys.
  2. E-Books – This niche goes well with almost any blog. If you can recommend a book about the topic that your niche is on. So offering e books should be done with just about everything.
  3. Digital Cameras – This niche is high competition but if your product reviews and content are good and you can be the final say in making a purchasing decision then creating a digital camera blog
  4. Dog Clothes –  Create a dog outfit blog and share cute pictures of dogs in outfits on Instagram. If you find your self-selling enough Amazon product start your own store.
  5. Hiking Gear –  Outdoors enthusiast love gear. They are always are looking for the next innovative product that is lighter, more durable, and more versatile. Create blog posts around these products. Also, gear reviews on youtube are popular. So try that.
  6. Smartphone Accessories – The pro to this niche is that as new phone models come out you will always have new content to post about the different accessories that fit different models. Phone accessories are a billion dollar business and everyone likes to buy from amazon.com make sure to have good reviews and if possible embed video reviews in your website.
  7. Footwear –   Targeting high-end shoes and fashion products is a great way to make money on Amazon.
  8. Beauty Products –  Love hair and makeup reviewing beauty products is a great way to earn an income online, however, you have to be decent a photography and video production to make your product reviews a success.
  9. Computer Hardware – Everyone always seems to be confused about exactly what hardware to buy for their computer. Fill the gap by providing helpful information and watch the affiliate gods rain checks in your mailbox.
  10. Jewelry –  Breaking into this niche can be hard since most people like to see what jewelry they are buying, however, getting traffic to your page for search terms such as best price. Or creating content with catchy topics like  “Holliday Jewelry Gift Ideas For Her”  are great ways to break into this competitive niche.

I hope you find your niche and are able to make a ton of money by affilate marketing. I’ve inlcuded some more insight on some questions I’m too often asked, as well as some books that could be of assistance.

Keys To Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

I would have to say that the number one thing to a successful affiliate product marketing campaign is to be passionate about the products you are promoting. Make sure that your audience recognizes you as a trusted source for information on your niche. And last but not least keep producing content.

Using YouTube For Product Reviews.

You don’t necessarily need to have a blog. YouTube content creators have been doing product reviews for ages, and they work. A video is one of the most powerful ways to sell a product so when you review a product or a group of products on youtube you can achieve a lot of success. This book gives a lot of great tips and strategies on how to rank youtube videos and get them to convert to buying affiliate products.



Best Books On Affiliate Marketing

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