How To Change User Roles On WordPress

Changing User Roles On WordPress

Changing user roles is simple on a WordPress website.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard click Users.
  2. Check the box next to the user’s permissions you want to change
  3. Click the change role drop down and select the new role you want to give the user.
  4.  Click the change button.

You’re Done!

Not sure what role to give the users. We created this guide for you.

  • Administrator – Has access to all administrative options and features.
  • Editor – Can manage and publish posts. Traditionally, editors review posts submitted by contributors and then schedule them for review.
  • Author – Can publish their own posts when they wish.
  • Contributor – Can write posts but cannot publish them. Instead, they need to submit their posts for review.
  • Subscriber – Has basic functionality such as changing their profile and leaving comments.

If you are looking to create additional user roles we recommend this free plugin.

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